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Employees experiences:-

Read more about Georgina's experience 

I started off working at Little Jannah Day Care Nursery as an agency member of staff on and off for a year, during this time the manager and all the other members of staff made me feel like a part of the team. After a year of working with them (through the agency) the manager brought me on as a permanent member of staff. The manager was always very encouraging and gave me opportunities to develop my knowledge of early years through training and other resources. After a few months, the manager placed me on an Apprentice Standard Early Years Educator Course (Level 3) for 18 months. Although it has been a challenging journey balancing full-time work and writing assignments, I have enjoyed the process. Throughout my journey, I have received lots of support from my tutor and some of my colleagues, and the manager has always shown an interest in my progress.

Read more about Munazah's experience 

I joined Little Jannah Day Nursery in March 2021. Moving and joining the team here has been the best decision I’ve made. The team is a family and everyone looks after each other and the children. I have progressed a lot since joining the team. The management team are keen to support the staff to help further their learning and understanding through continuous training and support. Through the support I have received, I have been able to progress further in my role within 4 months of starting here.

I would highly recommend Little Jannah Daycare Nursery for anyone looking for a family-based nursery as everyone goes above and beyond to ensure the best care is given to each child and member of staff. You will be satisfied with the activities and care your child receives throughout their time at the nursery.

Read more about Chloe's experience 

I have been working and volunteering at little Jannah Daycare Nursery for 2 years now. This nursery has given me an amazing opportunity to learn and develop in a variety of ways and is a great place for kids to achieve the best they can and has allowed them to grow in many ways. The nursery has Fantastic staff and they always give a warm welcome to other staff, children and visitors. This nursery has given me the chance to explore my ideas and gain confidence within the environment; the environment is friendly and safe.

Read more about Zara's experience

I have been working within the childcare sector for over ten years and currently have been working at Little Jannah Daycare Nursery for nearly two years now and by far is one of my best experiences. The management team are great and provides staff with a positive atmosphere to work within. They work closely with all employees, providing opportunities for career development. Coming to work daily is such a pleasure thanks to the team here. I continue to look forward to working and being a part of The Little Jannah Daycare Family!

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